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1874 Works was founded by Susan and Ronald.  The name 1874 Works comes from the age and history of the building where the aprons are made.

Susan is a seamstress with private clients from all over the world and established clients in Theatre and Dance Companies.

Ronald is a leather worker making creations for Theatre, Movies, Television Productions, cosplayers and a growing private clientele.  We combined our skills to create a high quality, hard wearing, well designed apron.

Our Aprons are available in 3 variations and we are continuing to develop more products, our latest addition is a cross body bag using the same materials and stitch detail as our aprons.


We work and strive to give our customers not only the best shopping experience they can have but also an item that if looked after can last a lifetime.

Please visit our events page for information on where our aprons and other products can be purchased and meet us at the pop up markets we attend.

We look forward to meeting you all.

Susan & Ronald,

1874 Works

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