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  • What can I use my apron for?
    Our clients have included: Barbers, Ceramists, Make Up Artists, Gardners, Model Makers, Theatre Staff - Artists and Bar Staff. The apron can also be used for BBQ cooking, gardening, kitchen work, crafter's and much much more.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We do ship internationally. Using Royal Mail's 1st class signed in the UK and International tracked and signed (where avaiable) everywhere else. We cannot ship to a PO Box as a signature is required upon reciept.
  • Do you accept returns?
    If you would like to return an item please see our returns and refund policy HERE
  • How do I clean my apron?
    WAX CARE It is very important to note that cleaning your waxed cotton apron with detergents soaps or chemical cleaners will destroy the wax coating. Never use washing machines, tumble driers or professional dry cleaners. 1. Use cold water and lightly clean waxed side, any removed wax can be replaced with our wax repair kit. 2. Hang apron and dry over night. 3. Using a hair dryer, gently warm repair wax and using cotton cloth lightly rub wax over whole apron or choosen repair area. 4. Hang apron and allow to dry over night. A new apron can last years before this process is necessary (depending on use). LEATHER CARE To care for leather straps use a leather conditioner once every 12 months, a quick wipe over the leather (do not rub in) and the leather once dried will be contisioned and sealed. LINING CARE This lining is also treated to prevent wax leaking through from the front of the apron, do not use soap, detergents or chemical cleaners. 1. Use cold water to wipe away any dirt. 2. For stubborn dirt it is possible to use a hand steam cleaner but this must be used quickly and sparingly as not to affect surface wax. 3. There are available specialist cleaning companies world wide who offer clean and repair services for garments with these special requirments, we however cannot be held responsible should you choose to go with any company.
  • Can I use any wax?
    There are waxes that are made for Waxed Cotton Garments and if using those waxes it should be fine however we cannot be held responsible for any damage that it may cause.
  • Can you embroider my apron?
    We do offer an embroidery service please contact us using the contact form here This is some basic information we will need when you contact us, further information can be disscussed once we know the basic requirements. 1. The words you would like embroidered and the font you would like used, if you should already have a logo then you can send us the image in a PNG or Jpeg format. 2. Colours you would like. 3. Where you would like the placement of the embroidery on the item.
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