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Grey and Orange Full Apron


1874 Works aprons are hand made with traditional tools and craftsmanship.

Made from high quality waxed cotton canvas with a treated cotton lining from fabric manufacturers Halley Stevensons Limited.  Tough yet supple leather and solid brass buckles for the neck and waist bands.


These items are design to be used and become a part of your everyday life.  Although traditionally made the aprons have modern design aspects we have developed ourselves such as a simple but necessary phone pocket on the inside of the apron at chest height for both convenience and the safety of your phone and a feedback loop on the waist buckle to avoid having any part of the leather waist belt get in your way while working.

Making these aprons we endeavour to provide the highest standards and create a garment that not only lasts but inspires.

Grey and Orange Full Apron

SKU: Grey Orange Brown Orange Full
  • Colour

    Waxed Cotton: Grey

    Lining: Orange

    Leather: Brown

    Thread: Orange


    Apron Length: 35.5 inches approx

    Apron Width: 24 inches approx

    Apron width (including belt): 29.5 - 43 inches approx

    Neck: 19 - 26 inches approx


    Top Pocket

    9 x 5 inches approx

    3 narrow pockets: 1.75 inches approx (each pocket)

    1 wide pocket: 3.5 inches approx


    Bottom Pocket

    Overall Pocket: 18.75 x 7.5 inches approx


    Internal Pocket

    7 x 5 inches approx

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